Friday, March 11, 2011

visual puns

For my Flower bulb visual pun I took a picture of a garden flower and a flower bulb to create an image that looked as if the flower bulb was sprouting out of the flower. I implanted the bulb inside the flower after i had erased the stigma and all of the other parts of the flower. I brightened up the image and tried to make the bulb blend into the flower. This project gave me a chance to be really creative and form and image that comes to my mind when I think of a flower bulb.

My second visual pun I created was of a bookworm. When I thought of a bookworm I thought of a worm inside of a book. I created a image of a book with a worm blended into the background of it. The first thing I did was find an image of a book and then layered a worm onto the pages of it. Behind the worm in the background of the book I placed a poem about a worm. My bookworm visual pun can be seem in different ways. I created a book about worms and also a book with a worm inside of it. I liked the way this project turned out.

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